About Mutcho TV

Board members

Désisée Mvuyekure
Liliane Tugiramahoro
Immelde Dnuwimana
Ales Niyonkuru

Event and Media Coordinator
Janvier Nahimana


Our mission is to create links between the different components of the community to allow inclusion through the diversity of cultures. Create a space for young people of different origins, especially African descent to create an expression and exchange space. Artists to be able to develop their talents and share their productions. Share stories to strengthen inclusion.


Janvier Nahimana Founder

I started Mutcho TV to give voice to our community and to connect people from different walks of life. And that’s how I hope to give back: through the sharing of stories

I believe sharing stories is a glue that ties communities together. I founded Mutcho Radio and Mutcho TV to give voice to his community in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and to connect people from different walks of life. I do not miss a chance to open a conversation whenever an opportunity presents itself. Sharing stories is his way of celebrating life. My background is in arts and multimedia. I built my career as a multimedia professional, photographer, Web and Graphic designer traveling around the world. I worked five years as a communication manager at the Centre national de coopération au dévelopment in Belgium and was the co-founder and Art Director of the community journal  IWACU Burundi, a project supported by the European Commission. Recording US African diaspora stories Washington, New York Austin Texas for a magazine. Janvier is now based in Halifax since 2014. I worked at the African Diaspora Association of the Maritimes (ADAM) and with the support from African Nova Scotian affairs. I created the Mutcho Cultural group, a non-profit organization to develop a project in celebration of the Decade of People of African Descent (DPAD). I hold a Master’s degree in Arts from Moscow Arts Academy and a certificate in Leadership and Multimedia Project Management.

We look forward to your connections.